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Our asset? Theatre! Our experience, when it comes to formation and behavioural awareness, confirmed its efficiency: the participants immediately take a step back and gain perspective. As soon as they recognise themselves in the situations exposed by corporate theatre, the participants are encouraged to think about their behaviour, and possibly improve it. This is called the “mirror effect”.

Depending on your needs, this can be done through workshops or through other tools. Discover our offer!

Our commitments

A/tout théâtre guarantees both quality and efficiency in the field of corporate theatre. Used as a tool, theatre illustrates the thematics that are inherent in the corporate world: stress, disability, safety, management, the quality of working life, and many others!

A team of professional and passionate comedians, used to the working environment and to corporate theatre, comes to your workplace in order to work hand in hand on all your projects.


Off the beaten tracks

Our formations, led by our comedians trainers, aim to embody the beliefs of the company. They take place within a serious framework, as well as a playful one. The active and entertaining interaction allows one to apprehend and to obtain techniques, but also their basis when it comes to behaviour.

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Team building

Work in harmony

Team work is still a major issue in companies.
A team worthy of the name is made of people that join forces and work together in order to reach the same goal. This means that they all need to get to know each other, to identify the assets of every member of the team, in order to be as efficient as possible.

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When theatre becomes a show

A/tout Théâtre assists you and gives you advice about all your events. Animation is a key element in the success of a seminar or a convention. Beyond the theatre sketches and the animated offer, A/tout Théâtre offers to intervene before, during and after your events.

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A new way to communicate

In our world, technological devices are everywhere. The time when the holy TV was displayed in the middle of the living room and turned on at 8P.M. to hear the news is over. We now live in a world where images are consumed differently. Medias are now plural (smartphones, computers, tablets...). Social medias have now a major role in our lives.

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