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Audiovisual technique

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In our world, technological devices are everywhere. The time when the holy TV was displayed in the middle of the living room and turned on at 8P.M. to hear the news is over.

We now live in a world where images are consumed differently. Medias are now plural (smartphones, computers, tablets…). Social medias have now a major role in our lives.

For example, at the end of 2016, Facebook had 1,86 billions of active users and 1,74 billions of active users on mobile each month!

To pretend this reality doesn’t exist would be a mistake for a company that wants to be involved and connected with its era.. but also with its employees and clients.

Our team is made of experience writers that have been writing scenarios for cinema and the internet for years. Their creativity and their perfect knowledge of the way content has to be handled is a guarantee of success.

These professionals of screenwriting can rely on other professionals: men and women who work in technical fields (producers, cinematographers, sound engineers…). Thanks to these multiple abilities added to the quality of our artists, A/tout théâtre is in a position to produce any type of film:

  • Clip videos
  • Web series
  • Short film
  • Institutional film
  • Event recording

Our Motion Designer make sure that these films come to life through your medias: internet, mobile, convention…

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