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Corporate movie

Corporate movies

The power of images

A/tout Théâtre creates corporate movies as a way to use the power of images to convey messages and ideas, along with the enhancement of team cohesion thanks to the use of codes that everyone knows and integrated.

Corporate movies always meet your needs of creative scenarios that fully reflect your ideas, your context and your corporate verbatim, while offering you a specialized team: producers that know the issues and the topics in the corporate world, professional comedians that can combine realism and emotion, as well as competent technical staffs who are used to working on corporate movies.

The corporate movie enables you to sensitize your collaborators to the mindset of the company, to communicate and handle a change (new product, new project...) or a decision that was made, even to a gain of perspective on certain behaviours. Indeed, the corporate movie is a dynamic way to generate interest or to question something, with a way to communicate even through distance and time. It is a long-term tool that can be used to affect a larger amount of people.

It will give dynamism to your events and promote a good image of your corporation or employer brand.