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Web series


Go viral

The web series by A/tout théâtre is the way to use the power of images to convey messages and to create a strong membership thanks to the use of codes that all your collaborators know and use.

Unlike the corporate movie, the goal here is to communicate the key messages of your brand in an offset way, to win visibility and notoriety, and to go viral on the internet. This will allow you to change from your usual communication ways and to federate your collaborators around a project that attracts new clients and business partners.

Choosing to create a webseries with A/Tout Théâtre is an original communication way, that gives a dynamic aspect to your company thanks to a creative scenario that makes the videos more attractive. Our actors know perfectly the issues and themes of the corporate world, and our directors are experienced in this field, which enables them to create original, creative and high-quality results.

Just as the corporate movie, the web series is a sustainable tool, that can be used to affect a broader amount of people, with an important transmission power to communicate within distance.