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Corporate theatre

Corporate theatre is the ideal solution to :

• Convey messages,

• Raise the teams' awareness,

• Solve an issue.

With A/tout Théâtre, make your collaborators the actors of their own personal development, as well as the company's growth.

Theatre as a tool to improve a behaviour

An innovative way to convey ideas and to inform your teams

What is exactly hiding behind that term? Corporate theatre borrows its essential functions from the conventional theatre:

-The mirror function that allows one to see themselves through other eyes
-The gain of perspective that enables one to question themselves
-The “mimesis”, which makes one identify themselves to several different characters
-The catharsis, that enables one to break free

Theatre at the service of the company

Management, assistance through change, safety, disability...

Whatever the subject is, the function of a writer from A/tout Théâtre is to bring up and to raise the inadequacies and the communication issues within the company. Theatre is here used as a tool of collective awareness. Its aim is to make the audience react by encouraging the reflexion before the action.
The situations performed by the comedians can be the basis of exchanges and interaction with the audience. This interaction with the public contributes to stimulate innovation and creativity.

Theatre at the service of me and women

Contribute to the employees' personal development.

The theatrical practices and the expertise of the comedians and writers are assets for the companies. The comedian trainers from A/tout Théâtre initiate people to techniques that are likely to help them express themselves in public (speeches, interventions, meetings animation...), but also to exploit their creative potential and develop their leadership and spirit of initiative (creative workshops, improvisation...).

Theatre at the service of events

Animations to frame or boost communication events

Wether it can be by the “turnkey” representation of professional plays (comedies, One man shows, cabaret...) presented in Paris and at the “Festival d'Avignon”; or by the organisation of Team Building sessions, that involve the participants allow to enhance cohesion (improvisation matches, “murder party”, quizzes...)

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