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Custom sketches

Custom theatre

The custom sketches are the true asset of A/tout théâtre

Our writers are able to create prestations that will directly fulfill the specific needs of your company. This type of intervention will reflect your reality and use your codes and your verbatim.
Our custom sketches cannot apply to other companies. Our artistic teams have shown creativity and efficiency for more than ten years, and they have a perfect knowledge of the corporate world.
Thanks to our experience and our talent, we are in a position to offer the best of the corporate theatre and to ensure an unique prestation.
Do not hesitate and we will see you at the dress rehearsal!


It's up to you!

We know how to adapt to your needs, wether you want your prestation to last one hour, twenty minutes or even five minutes!
We can provide you a whole sketch in a single piece or a performance distributed during the whole event, in order to boost it and to ease the transitions.
Our teams know how to adapt to your desires and imperatives.
Efficiency and reactivity are key elements for us, hence why we are entitled to deliver these custom interventions in a record time: two weeks only!


Just for you

To elaborate a custom scenario, our writers draw inspiration from your reality and from your specific concerns.
The only way to write a texte that fulfills your needs is to spend time with you. This process will allow them to define your concerns, identify and integrate your verbatim, in order to stage an intervention that is made just for you.


Convey your beliefs

Our interventions aim to convey messages, but also to anchor hem in the audience's mindset. If the sympathy allows one to identify oneself to the characters played by the actors (``mirror effect``), the emotion prompts the emotional memory.
In A/tout théâtre, we favour comedy and often create a contrast regarding the issue to make the audience laugh.
The emotion range is broad, and our artists sometimes solicit many of them in order for the general ideas to be remembered.

Une pièce de théâtre devrait être écrite, décorée, costumée, accompagnée de musique, jouée, dansée par un seul homme. Cet athlète complet n’existe pas. Il importe donc de remplacer l’individu par ce qui ressemble le plus à un individu : un groupe amical.

Jean Cocteau