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Ready-to-use sketches

Theatrical sketches

raise awareness within the company about the subjects that really matter

From five minutes to one hour, with 2, 3 or 4 comedians and a musician, our ready to use sketches will sensitize your teams about the topics that your favour and that matter to you in the company. If you pick the interactive option, the participants will be encouraged to speak up in the most important moments in order to express their opinion about a certain situation or behaviour.
Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about it!

The issues we address in our performances

Management / Disability / Diversity / Security / Public speaking / Professional efficiency / Trading / Team building / Gender equality / Stress / Psychosocial risks / Quality of working life...

Mutual attention

Shared vigilance

15 minutes – 2 comedians

Bertrand and Nicolas, at work, always respect each other's work and pay attention to each other.
However, when it comes to shared vigilance, it is not always the case and the communication between them isn't as smooth anymore.
``Whatever the circumstances, the hierarchy, the friendship, the age, one must be ready to intervene``
This sketch questions the elements that keep one from doing it and shows how important it is to remain vigilant towards others.
Violation of rules is often driven by good intentions. People aren't always aware of the possible consequences, and it's often because they want to work better that they put themselves in danger.


When integration rolls again

30minutes – 3 comedians
(2 men and one woman)
A disabled person is expected to come in the company after being redeployed from the Headquarters.
When delivering the wheelchair, the delivery man tries to sit on it just for fun. As soon as he does so, the members of the company mistake him for their new disabled collaborator.
Not having the courage to deny it, the delivery man chooses to play pretend.
A series of misunderstanding follows, highlighting the prevention for the assistance of disabled workers.

It comes and goes


20 minutes – 2 comedians

The audience witnesses Kevin's first steps in the corporate world, along with his discovery of his new duties and obligations. For the young apprentice looking for benchmarks, this is a situation full of incomprehension, sometimes more than he would have imagined.


4 sketches about safety

– The ``360 degree`` : The way it is necessary to acknowledge one's working environment before starting a task.
– Vigilance : The way one needs to take in account the human factor and make an effort to get rid of bad habits.
– PPE : The way personal protective equipments mustn't be perceived as contraints anymore.
– STOP : The way one must stop oneself or others when a situation becomes dangerous.

Annual interview

The kind of interview we would never want to witness again

As a responsible and engaged manager, Catherine has to meet one of her collaborators for his annual interview. What a tough exercise for Catherine, who doesn't realize what is at stake during the interview, and on top of that doesn't have a specific methodology!
An annual interview we would never want to witness again...


Innovation isn't always easy

15 minutes – 2 comedians

Innovation isn't always easy. People are more and more asked to submit new and good ideas. But are the lads on the field aware of the consequences of innovation? On the other hand, are managers always ready to listen to their teams' proposals?

Cross selling

The bet of cross-selling

10 minutes – 2 comedians

After an acquisition, the commercial teams of a pizza company and a pancake company find themselves having to work together. The group to which these companies are attached looks forward to create synergies between pizzas and pancakes. With different cultures and a latent antagonism, it isn't easy for these companies to win the bet of cross-selling!

SOS : ordinary sexism!

A portrait

Patrick is an ordinary dad like many others. He loves his daughter and would never let anyone disrespect her or lack consideration towards her. And yet...
A portrait of an ordinary sexist.