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Stories and comedy

A catalogue of efficient comedies

A/Tout Théâtre offers professional plays, served by talented comedians and writers who do justice to stories and comedy. A/Tout théâtre offers plays for all audiences, that had a great success at the Avignon festival, and/or that were played in big Parisian theaters. These plays usually last around 1h30.
A theatrical representation of a successful play, performed by professional comedians, is the guarantee of a dynamic, joyful and convivial end for your event.

A/Tout théâtre takes care of all the logistic. Our comedians travel all across France, and can adapt to every type of theater or room that they are provided.
We guarantee you a relaxing time with no stress when it comes to organization.

Think about it for your events! (motivation seminars, company anniversaries, award ceremonies, team cohesion days…) Having a good laugh together is the best way to foster team building!

The good plan

A play written by Bruno Bachot

Philippe is hitting rockbottom. He is unemployed, massively in debt, and the owner of his flat is threatening to turn him out. His life turns upside down the day when his neighbors ascribe healing talents to him after a misunderstanding.
Philippe would like to confess that they're wrong, but his ethic gets hit pretty hard when he realizes the he can make more than 50 euros out of a one hour session. Therefore, he decides to play along. He quickly earns a lot of money and eventually gets closer ton his lovely neighbor, whom he secretly loves. At first, it seems to be a very good plan...
After the success of his comedy ``The Coach``, Bruno Bachot introduces his new creation.

4 comedians / 7 characters
Length : 1h20


The Coach

A play written by Bruno Bachot and Denis Bardiau

Patrick Marmignon suffers from a rare illness: he is way too kind. Everyone takes advantage of him: his mother take too much of his time, his sister keeps asking him for money, and his boss abuses his goodwill.
He shares his office with Vanessa, a charming young woman who he is deeply in love with. Sadly, Vanessa only sees him as a confidant who's there to listen to her rambling about her love stories.
One day when Patrick is particularly depressed, he finds an ad that praises the talents of a certain Assuérus Chêne, a famous personal coach. Patrick gathers all his courage (and all his money) and decides to hire him. From this moment, nothing is the same in Marmignon's life... And the real trouble begins.

4 comedians
Length : 1h30


High heels and crampons

A play written by Bruno Bachot and Alain Jeanbart

It promises to be a tough evening for Claude, who's a young sports journalist. She has to comment the finale of the national French football cup, alongside Roland, the star of sportscasters.
She has to face several problems: 1) Roland turns out to be very misogynistic. 2) She couldn't care less about football. 3) Just because she doesn't have anything to say doesn't mean she manages not to say anything!
Very quickly, the commentary of the finale itself takes a back seat. The real competition here isn't happening on the field, but on the air, between this cynical middle-aged man and this deluded young woman.
The topics of gender relations and double standards is explored live, in privacy...In front of millions of viewers.

3 comedians
Length : 1h10