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Animation by A/tout THÉÂTRE.

A/tout THÉÂTRE assists you and gives you advice for all your events. Animation is a key element for the success of a seminar or of a convention.

Beyond theatrical sketches and videos, A/tout THÉÂTRE offers to take action before, during and after your event.

Before : A/tout THÉÂTRE stages your events as soon as the participants  get here, setting the tone that you chose. This can be performed through interventions of immersed comedians, also known as the “theatrical happenings”.

Throughout : Our animators give a rhythm to your events. They assist you so that the information that your company wants to convey can be as heard and anchored as possible. Our comedians also can also intervene through sketches or theatrical improvisation techniques in order to boost the interactions.

Afterwards : Thanks to a catalogue of famous theater plays,  A/tout THÉÂTRE allows you to offer an unforgettable moment to your participants.

Regardez Jésus, il prenait des mots simples, et quand ça se compliquait, il faisait des paraboles. C’est ça, un bon animateur télé.

Jacques Martin

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