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Seminar animations

Our facilitators are here for your seminar to be a success

A/tout THÉÂTRE accompanies you and advises you for all your events. Animation is one of the major elements of the success of a convention or a seminar. Beyond the content and the relevance of the interventions, A/tout THÉÂTRE takes care of the rhythm, fluidity and tone of your event.


The team of A/tout THÉÂTRE and our organizer will be in a position to appropriate your themes and subject in order to synthesize, reformulate and address what the participant say. The facilitator will know how to draw inspiration from your corporate culture, with the aim of provide an animation that matches the values and the expectations of your company. Used to the techniques of public speaking, the facilitator will animate your roundtables and ensure that the transitions are dynamic.


The facilitator from A/tout THÉÂTRE accompanies you from the conception of your event. He advises you during the fulfillment of your program, and ensures the proper functioning and the success of your event. He takes care of the transitions between the different steps, in order to make your event dynamic and entertaining.


With the facilitator of A/tout THÉÂTRE by your side, you can avoid downtime during your events. We will make sure that the participants don't exceed their allotted time and that the audience remains interested and focused.
Our facilitator will use all of his professionalism and dynamism in support of your company. The timing will be controlled and the audience will be encouraged to interact with the organizers, in order to make the rhythm more entertaining.