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Theater Replay

Theater Replay ®

Play it over!

Under the supervision of a master of ceremony, comedians and musicians, the participants can become spectators of your team's function, of the company or even of their own life.

The aim of Replay Théâtre ®  is to:

  • Highlight the different interpretations of a same speech
  • Encourage team cohesion and strengthen the feeling of belonging to the group
  • Give recognition to the members of the team
  • Identify the elements that generate cohesion or conflict solving.

The audience is encouraged with benevolence to come tell  a story while being helped to make the “organic aspect”. This facilitates the creation of emotions.

One of the participants tells a concrete story that happened to them. The actors and the musician then perform it in improvisation.

The one that tells the story sits in front of the comedians, and watches their restitution. Along with the leader of the group, they become “stage directors” of this moment.

Thanks to the different types of performance (dance, mime, music, lyrics), the comedians dramatize the story, make it sound surrealist or simply change its context.

These short sketches will enable a lot of the participants to speak up and to immediately see their interventions being dramatized.
Each story is unique, wether it is recent or old, short or long… The desire to share them is the only thing that is required.

Once the story is performed, the group leader asks the story teller if they want to Replay⏪ or if they would rather  Remove and stop there and let another participant take their place.

If the participant picks Replay⏪, they will be encouraged to shift their point of view. The comedians will perform the same story but from another angle or in another way (singing, dance, comedy, tragedy…). They will generate different feelings through the key elements of the original story. The participants can take a step back and gain perspective regarding the story thanks to these performances, that are brought to them with humour and sensitivity.