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Theatrical Happenings

Theatrical Happenings

A simple operation

Before or during the pauses of your event, the comedians from A/tout Théâtre perform short theatrical and dynamic interventions, in connection with the themes of the event.
Our writers come up with short and realistic hypothetical situations and set up some colorful characters. Based on this, our comedians mingle with the participants of your event and improvise comic situations linked with the theme of the event, your goals and your concerns.

Our goals: 

  1. To break the ice and surprise the participants

  2. To get the attention of the audience

  3. To set up a climate and spirit that allow exchanges and communication

  4. To encourage the participants to attend the theatre performance

  5. To prepare for the message that you want to convey during the event

The “happenings” can often be used as a type of teaser ; they allow you to raise awareness and to provide information to the public, in order to invite them later to attend a broader event (seminar, theatre performance, e-learning, etc.)

The “theatre happening”, according to A/tout Théâtre, is the ideal tool to sensitize as many people as possible with a short setup time.

The “happening” is based on the theatre improvisation techniques. The writers from A/tout Théâtre can contact you to learn from the topics you want to explore. Thus, they can offer you several synopsis that draw inspiration from the themes you chose, and illustrate them.

On the day of the event, the comedians improvise on the setting that you defined. They sympathetically catch the attention of the audience and encourage them to react, to interact with the comedians and to speak up.

For example, the comedians can question your collaborators about a chosen theme (safety at work, disability, diversity…) and make them take a test.

Then, after a few questions that introduce the subject, they encourage the audience to pursue research about the subject under consideration.

“To succeed, planning alone is insufficient. One must improvise as well.”

―Isaac Asimov