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Constructive improvisation

Constructive improvisation

Sensitize the participants to the keys for an effective behaviour

Constructive Improvisation consists of the use of improvisation techniques in order to sensitize the participants to the keys of an effective behaviour inside a team: knowing how to listen, to communicate and to have trust, in order to strengthen the cohesion and to work better together.

The efficiency of our methods depends, once again, on teamwork. Improvisation is made easier, even for the most reserved participants.
Our comedian host takes all the elements brought up by the members of the team in consideration. Indeed, each argument given by another member of the group enhances the collective construction. It is not an improvisation battle but a collaborative work based on the acceptation and the trust in oneself and the others, as well as the listening and leading abilities.

Experience is perceived through several little ride-alongs adapted to the participants (the playful dimension is essential), which enables the development of the skills we mentioned earlier.