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Improv battles

A/tout THÉÂTRE improv battle

Break the ice

The improv battle will enable you to break the ice in the first place, to establish a real emulation between the participants in order to have a playful and convivial time while encouraging teamwork, based on the following elements: listening and helping each other, the collective interaction, and thus to boost the participants' confidence and to encourage them to make decisions.

This way, the participants will be brought to assert themselves and to let go. The teamwork enables the speech to be liberated, even when it comes to the shyest participants: those who would never dare to speak up in plenary will be in a position to give their opinion, improvise and overcome their fear of interacting with the group.

The aim is to encourage the collaborative work: even though the teams are in competition, they have to cooperate during the final improvisations. The comedian improviser intervenes during the group work, coaching the teams. The team that wins is the one that can make its arguments stand out from the others.