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Murder party / Investigation party

Investigation/ murder party

An amazing way to animate your event

Without any dead time, our storyline plunges you in a police investigation. Better than the Experts and better than NCIS, you become the actors and the investigators of a brand new story. Itinerant or sedentary, in a single place or several ones, our scenarios fulfill your expectations and can be custom written in order to adapt to a specific theme (security, confidentiality of information...). We can adapt our scenarios to the places where your seminar takes place.

Our scenarios foster a creative process that showcases the observation and deduction abilities of the participants. It is an ideal occasion to communicate, exchange, and build the basis of a steady team cohesion, in an unexpected and different way.

How does a murder party function?

5 steps


During a meeting, a policeman bursts into the room, creating an effect of surprise. The policeman explains to the participants the reasons why he came, a well as the circumstances. The game is on. The participants are distributed into teams (the lists are established beforehand), and police reports are handed out to the investigation leaders that will manage the group (in these reports, the participants discover the first constatations of the investigation, as well as all the elements that the police already gathered).

Start and process

The teams have to interview witnesses, conduct searches in the places where the crime took place, analyze pieces of evidence and clues. In order to do so, they follow a ``roadmap``. Therefore, every team gets to see all the witnesses one by one, and they all have the same amount of information, and no one gets disadvantaged.

First interview

The teams see all the witnesses one by one, asking them open or yes/no questions. The participants dive into the story and fully take ownership of the scenario.


The teams do the cross-examination in order to see the witnesses that maybe lied, with the evidence. The questions get more and more precise. The first leads and scenarios, as well as the motives, are elaborated.

Debriefing and reenactment

Once the investigation is over, the teams give their investigation reports back. Then, a debriefing takes place, where the scenario and the plot twists are explained, in order for everyone to fully understand the mechanisms of this ``murder party``. The comedians reenact the scene. The team that got the most pieces of information and details is the winner. Then, we conclude by organizing a time for questions and answers, in order to ask the participants what they thought about the event.


Informal exchanges and interaction between the participants : they all are plunged into an adventure where the key elements are the imagination, the conviviality, a playful atmosphere, that all make this animation unforgettable.

Sedentary : The whole investigation takes place in the same space, without any traveling (in a restaurant, a seminar room, or any other private place). This is the most elaborated mode, and it enables the presence of many comedians to perform the characters, as well as the use of many documents.

Itinerant : This is a way to discover an area, while solving riddles and leading a police investigation.

Mini-investigation : This is a simplified investigation that is only based on the interview of one witness and one character that is in charge of the investigation.