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Gender variability, discrimination and promotion of diversity

After this formation, the participants will be able to improve their daily behaviours. When facing interpersonal relations, they will know how to judge the importance of the distinction of different discriminatory notions, in order to be efficient when it comes to prevention and action regarding a discriminatory situation.

Who is this intended for?

Recruiters, human resources, but also all those who want to change the game in the field of gender variability, and to enhance the diversity and gender equality.

Length and number of participants

Length : variable (from half a day to 2 days) according to the needs of the participants.
Participants : up 15 participants.
Goal : fight against discrimination in the corporate world and promote diversity in order to make the expectations and behaviours improve.

Essential elements

  • Building trust : respecting individuals without stress.
  • Putting the problem into perspective :
    – Highlight the discriminatory behaviours while analyzing their origins and consequences.
    – To evacuate the stereotypes, the inappropriate behaviours and drifts.
    – How to react in such a situation.
    – What is gender variability ?
  • Debriefing :
    – Réfléchir à comment bloquer la discrimination en faisant valoir la diversité.
    – Amener des situations où la diversité est un atout positif et un gisement de progrès.
    – Bilan du gain apporté par la diversité
  • Motivation,
    – By providing effective tools that can immediately be put into practice, in order to give meaning, but also to enhance the will to share knowledge.
    – By creating exercises and pedagogical games that can either be done individually or in small groups.
    – Become aware of one’s own stereotypes: the aim is to awake one’s vigilance and to question the stereotype’s impacts on a daily basis.
    – Definition of the discrimination legal framework, the way the legislator required it.
    – Rights and duties.
  • Action, thanks to a “real-time laboratory” to practice with the sparring partners.
    – Eliminate the negative behaviours regarding the origin, the age, the disability, the gender or any other discriminatory consideration.

Pedagogical path

  • Improvements on a daily basis
  • Importance of the distinction between the different notions in order to be efficient in the prevention of discriminations.
  • What should one do when facing a discriminatory situation?

The acknowledgement of diversity, prevention and the handling of discriminations are a priority for the corporate world.