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Improvisation at the service of public speaking

The aim is to discover and appreciate improvisation as a way to reveal one’s personality and as an essential working tool for public speaking.

Who is this intended for?

All those who have to face a type of communication in their working life.


This formation is made of a playful training, that involves mental and physical elements and that offers the possibility to discover and to assimilate (individually and collectively) some techniques that are necessary for public speaking, with the aim of developing and acquire confidence, creative autonomy and leadership.


We offer the participants to face challenges that require fundamental values of public speaking: listening, availability, energy canalisation, audacity, concentration, the control of time and space, stimulation of the imagination, as well as the ability to synthesize and to make decisions.


Basis of improvisation.
Revitalization of the group.
Corporal and vocal warm-up through playful exercises.
Practice on the development of self confidence.