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Quality of Working Life

After this formation, participants will be in a position to understand the approach of the quality of working life, its consequences and benefits. The fundamental elements of the Quality of Working Life will be explored, as well as their impacts in the field of professional life, especially when it comes to perception and expectations in terms of quality of working life.
The key elements of the interprofessional national agreements will also be defined.

Who is this intended for?

This can be useful to anyone brought to follow the path of the Quality of Working Life. The QWL is perceived collectively and individually, and it involves the atmosphere, the  corporate culture, the interest that one has for work, the working conditions, the feeling of being involved, the autonomy and empowerment level, the equality, the room for error, as well as the recognition and valuation of the work that has been done.

Length : variable (from half a day to a full day) according to the expectation and needs of the participants.
Participants : up to 15 participants.
Goals : our goal is to give definitions in order to address and understand better the elements at stake in the QWL for the employees and the company. We also want to help the participants how to learn to de-dramatize in order to avoid the stressful situations and the anticipation not to be up to the standards, the fear of judgement and the others’ reactions, and uneasy feelings.

The essential elements

  • Building trust and emotion: respecting the individuals, without stress, in a convivial atmosphere
  • Putting the problem into perspective : sketch, in order to highlight the issues and fix them
  • Debriefing : in order to understand and to be able to intervene in working situations that can generate stress.
  • Motivation :
    – By providing effective tools that can immediately be put into practice, in order to give meaning, but also to enhance the will to share knowledge.
    – By creating exercises and pedagogical games that can either be done individually or in small groups, with the aim to practice relaxation, breathing, stage fright, the ability to dare to say no, to know how to assert oneself, to express criticism….
  • Action, thanks to a « real-time laboratory » to practice with the sparring partners.
  • Ride-alongs for the purpose of :
    – Understanding the 4 dimensions of the recognition in work situation.
    – Understanding the effect of coherence and meaning at work.
    – Working on the negative perception of work, especially the perception of the working conditions.
    – Knowing how to free the speech in order to identify the resources and constraints and to path towards a common understanding.

Pedagogical path

  • The statistics of the QWL
  • The organisation of work, perceived as the first element that generates stress
  • The living conditions that change and affect the corporate world
  • Conciliation of working time and private time
  • Commitment at work and motivation

The quality of working life is what contributes to the development of the individuals and their full commitment in their working activity, because one finds satisfaction in it, finds a meaning into work and feels like being involved in a collective achievement.