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Security animation

After this formation, the participants will be in a position to lead exchanges about security (wether it can be a “15 minutes“, a “minute“ or a “flash“; or just a short term reminder), working equally on content and form, bringing meaning to it and mastering the communication techniques. They will learn how to convey the security messages and policy of the company.

Who is this intended for?

This can be useful for the HSE and proximity managers, security representatives, as well as all those who want the message of security to be positively conveyed.

Length and number of participants

Length : variable (from half a day to two days) depending on the expectations and needs of the participants.
Participants : from 10 up to 15 participants.
Goals : our goal is to work on the form and the content of the communication techniques when it comes to security.

The essential elements

  • Building trust : respecting the individuals without stress, in a convivial atmosphere.
  • Putting the problem into perspective : highlight the pitfalls of a security meeting that was ineffective, and fix positively the situation, to evacuate all the inappropriate behaviors in such circumstances.
  • Debriefing : in order to analyze the behaviors, to think about the consequences of security animation, and to understand how important it is to structure any intervention.
  • Motivation : By providing effective tools that can immediately be put into practice, in order to give meaning, but also to enhance the will to share knowledge
  • By creating exercises and pedagogical games that can either be done individually or in small groups.
  • Action, thanks to a « real-time laboratory », with the aim of practicing with the sparring partners.


  • Animate exchanges and face eventual unforeseens.
  • Practice the security animation.
  • Learn how to convey messages, rules or changes in the procedures, in front of an audience in which the reactions are diverse.

A security animation is like vigilance: one has to share it. Sharing is committing into the safety of everyone, no matter the relationship or hierarchical status.

Pedagogical path

  • Elaboration of a specific animation situation, based on the participants’ experiences: definition of the theme, of the context, of the goals and structure of the intervention. The aim is to enable everyone to identify their assets and weaknesses that could be improved.
  • Appropriation of the elements of public speaking : preparation, physical and mental relaxation, voice and silences, as well as the gesture.
  • Encourage and animate exchanges : stimulate exchanges and interactions, adopting an active listening in order to adapt one’s animation, and being open to objections and reacting appropriately to them.