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With A/tout Théâtre, make your collaborators the actors of their own personal development, as well as the company's growth.


An innovative way to convey ideas and to inform your teams

What is exactly hiding behind that term? Corporate theatre borrows its essential functions from the conventional theatre:
-The mirror function that allows one to see themselves through other eyes
-The gain of perspective that enables one to question themselves
-The “mimesis”, which makes one identify themselves to several different characters
-The catharsis, that enables one to break free


Management, assistance through change, safety, disability…

Whatever the subject is, the function of a writer from A/tout Théâtre is to bring up and to raise the inadequacies and the communication issues within the company. Theatre is here used as a tool of collective awareness. Its aim is to make the audience react by encouraging the reflexion before the action.
The situations performed by the comedians can be the basis of exchanges and interaction with the audience. This interaction with the public contributes to stimulate innovation and creativity.


Contribute to the employees’ personal development.

The theatrical practices and the expertise of the comedians and writers are assets for the companies. The comedian trainers from A/tout Théâtre initiate people to techniques that are likely to help them express themselves in public (speeches, interventions, meetings animation…), but also to exploit their creative potential and develop their leadership and spirit of initiative (creative workshops, improvisation…).

Training : meeting your needs

Broaden our self-knowledge and improve our relation to the other

A/Tout THEATRE offers formations off the beaten track: our formations aim to embody the beliefs and values of the company. They take place within a serious framework, as well as a playful one. The active and entertaining interaction allows one to apprehend and to obtain techniques, but also their basis when it comes to behaviour, easily and quickly.

Our comedian trainers all have a professional background in the corporate world, a trainer formation, and they all have unique approaches, depending on the theme that is explored. They all are accomplished comedians, and most of them also are active in the theatre and film industries.

A formation of its own

Formation with a human face

Before the formation, with a diagnosis and the identification of your needs.

During the formation, with our custom formation that is adapted to your specific situation.

Right after the formation, with the monitoring and the maintenance of the acquired knowledge.

Afterwards, with wake-up calls (viral videos, « happenings »)

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The A/tout formation

3 essential elements

Building confidence: We make sure the individuals are respected, and that the atmosphere is convivial and stress free.The sketches are custom-made or adapted to you to make behaviours evolve and improve.

Motivation: Motivation is brought by efficient tools that can directly be applied on concrete and practical situations, as well as the desire to share and to convey knowledge. Wether they are individual or require teamwork, exercices and practical games are set up to expand learning and increase the general interest.

Action: We set up a « real-time lab » to test and train the acquired knowledge with the comedian sparring trainers, ride-alongs to assimilate the methodology under the friendly gaze of all the participants, as well as the trainer.

Our tools and assets

-Formation by theatre: a perfect knowledge of challenges at stake in the corporate world and of the theatrical expression, imagination and emotion.
-The customization of formation according to the needs of the participants, and the maintenance of a follow-up.
-Methods the efficiency of which was durably proved to change and strengthen the new types of behaviour.
-The will to share knowledge, and to provide techniques that can immediately be applied.
-A personal assistance in order to enhance improvement.


Get to know the others while having fun

Team work is still a key issue of the corporate world.
A team worthy of this name is made of people that join efforts to reach the same goal.
This requires to get to know each and every member of the team and to identify the different strengths that everyone has in order to be as effective as possible. The personal relations between the employees, between the services and between the managers of each section have to allow the whole company to work with efficiency and humanity.

This is why our Team Building offers are interesting. Our workshops aim to improve the understanding and the exchanges in a team, to enhance the operational efficiency and the harmony in the interactions between the individuals.

Our workshops are led by comedian trainers that make sure that the teamwork improves, by handling and accompanying the participants with benevolence.
A/tout théâtre promotes group activities, which enable everyone to explore their potential when it comes to teamwork.

Animation By a/tout theatre

A/tout THÉÂTRE assists you and gives you advice for all your events. Animation is a key element for the success of a seminar or of a convention.

Beyond theatrical sketches and videos, A/tout THÉÂTRE offers to take action before, during and after your event.

Before : A/tout THÉÂTRE stages your events as soon as the participants  get here, setting the tone that you chose. This can be performed through interventions of immersed comedians, also known as the « theatrical happenings ».

Throughout : Our animators give a rhythm to your events. They assist you so that the information that your company wants to convey can be as heard and anchored as possible. Our comedians also can also intervene through sketches or theatrical improvisation techniques in order to boost the interactions.

Afterwards : Thanks to a catalogue of famous theater plays,  A/tout THÉÂTRE allows you to offer an unforgettable moment to your participants.


On behalf of your communication

In our world, technological devices are everywhere. The time when the holy TV was displayed in the middle of the living room and turned on at 8P.M. to hear the news is over.

We now live in a world where images are consumed differently. Medias are now plural (smartphones, computers, tablets…). Social medias have now a major role in our lives.

For example, at the end of 2016, Facebook had 1,86 billions of active users and 1,74 billions of active users on mobile each month!

To pretend this reality doesn’t exist would be a mistake for a company that wants to be involved and connected with its era.. but also with its employees and clients.

Our team is made of experience writers that have been writing scenarios for cinema and the internet for years. Their creativity and their perfect knowledge of the way content has to be handled is a guarantee of success.

These professionals of screenwriting can rely on other professionals: men and women who work in technical fields (producers, cinematographers, sound engineers…). Thanks to these multiple abilities added to the quality of our artists, A/tout théâtre is in a position to produce any type of film:

  • Clip videos
  • Web series
  • Short film
  • Institutional film
  • Event recording

Our Motion Designer make sure that these films come to life through your medias: internet, mobile, convention…

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